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      Creating the Wisdom: 

Hi. I'm Robert Reina, president of Instant Wisdom Productions. My goal was to develop  the world's finest motivational DVD's and I am confident you will agree we have.  We are extremely proud of our products and guarantee you will benefit from using them daily.

In most of today's homes the television is the single most important source of entertainment.  Friends and family gather daily in front of the TV to watch their favorite shows.  To eliminate the big black void the TV creates when it is off, some individuals chose to run scenic DVD screensavers.  Instead, why not improve your life with our captivating new DVD's that provide an entertaining way of being educated daily on subjects such as weight loss and quitting smoking.  

We combine helpful information with motivational quotations to not only educate, but empower the user to improve their lives.  Our DVD's contain easy to read tips that deliver life enhancing information, as well as quotations from some of the world's most inspirational people.  Each products contains thousands of colorful graphics combined with  soothing soundtracks. Simply place one in your DVD player, press play, and instantly transform your TV into something truly unique that can transform your life for the better.  

Weight Loss Wisdom DVD -Entertains you daily as it educates & motivates you to achieve your weight loss goals.Benefit from 2,400 useful tips on diet, nutrition, exercise and fashion combined with motivational quotes and funny observations.


Smoke Free Wisdom DVD - Your Ultimate Smoke Free Solution -Will turn your TV into your own 24/7 support team as you learn the strategies you need to become smoke free permanently. Benefit from 1,400 useful tips on quitting smoking  combined with motivational and inspirational quotes.


Instant Wisdom DVD  - Turn your DVD player into a daily source of Inspiration, Motivation or just a Good Laugh. This entertaining collection of 1,001 quotations is filled with  wit, wisdom, and proverbs from the greatest minds of the world, both past and present.


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